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Do you want to join the Comfort Crew and be a part of our opening team for the amazing Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport, opening February 2020? Then you have come to the right spot. We are so happy that you have found your way to us, so let us tell you a little bit about us.

Comfort Hotel will give you what you need and skip the unnecessary, because we believe that our guests want to spend their hard earned money on what they choose, not what we choose for them. 

We are easy on the wallet, easy to enjoy and more importantly easy on the planet, meaning we re-use, recycle and respect Mother Earth. We want our staff to be easy going, curious, lively and run the hotels as if it was their own.

Comfort Hotel and Nordic Choice Hotels is all about the people and the culture and diversity is a fundamental part of who we are. We don’t care where you’re from, who you fall in love with, what you believe in or what gender you identify as. At Comfort Hotel there is room for all.

 For us it all starts with courage, because we truly believe that we can make a difference by growing our bravery, energy and enthusiasm. On every level of the organisation we make sure to show off, improve, inspire & celebrate success. And it all starts with you! Our goal is to create an environment where you as an employee can feel safe, valued and respected. Because we know that if our co-workers are happy, our guest will be happy too. Do you agree? Then keep reading.


Comfort Hotel is redefining airport hotels - showing that budget does not have to be boring. The hotel is designed to offer modern travellers everything they need for their greatest tomorrow and is located only 50 meters from SkyCity and terminal 4 and 5. We offer pretty much everything you need: 503 rooms (including 10 XXL rooms for the groups that can ́t stand to sleep in separate bedrooms) and four meeting rooms. To top it all, we have a bar on the 13th floor where you can see the flights taking off with the gorgeous Stockholm skyline in the distance. It also has a 24/7 gym, laundromat and of course a Barception - the beating heart of the hotel where guests can check in, hang out in the bar and order something to eat.

Bottom line is: whether you’re on the trip of a lifetime, visiting your lifelong friends or closing that deal - Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport is HERE FOR TOMORROW. Do you like what you’re reading so far? Then you and Comfort Hotel might be a match made in heaven! Scroll down to read more.




Job openings

Are you interested in joining Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport and becoming a Creator of Tomorrow? Great! These are the available jobs:

There are currently no vacancies available.


So how will this work? For us, finding the right people is the most important and crucial part of a hotel opening. That’s why we have decided to come to you. In October we will pack and go on a Creators of Tomorrow tour to find just the right people to join our team. Here you will meet some fantastic Comfort Hotel crew, be pumped up with positive energy and encouragement before you get your two minutes of fame where you will present yourself to your future colleagues in a speed interview.

 The cities we will visit are:


October 11th at Clarion Hotel Gillet / Kitchen and Table, Be there at 14.00. 


October 12th at Märsta Square - Café Kulturlinken, Be there at 12.00.
This event is fully booked!


October 13th at Comfort Hotel Kista, Be there at 12.00.


Expect great vibes and a couple of fun surprises. But first, make sure you apply at the job you want in the ads above so we know that you're coming to the tour.

We can’t wait to meet you!


We believe in finding that little extra something in people. That sparkle in your personality is what makes awesome service for our guests. That’s why we value personality and creativity higher than a fancy resumé. To find all members of the Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport crew we want to invite you for a quick first meet. You will find us at three different locations for a speed interview event where you will have the chance to show us why you should become one of us.

To find all creative and amazing people we will transform the squares in Uppsala, Märsta and Kista into a fun and exciting speed interview event. You will get the chance to tell us about yourself and why we should pick you to be a part of our team. You’ll have two minutes to show us who you are and why you wish to join our team.

A bit nervous, huh? You shouldn’t be, except for our extremely nice staff you will receive two questions in advance so you can prepare yourself a bit before meeting us. But the most important tip is: just be yourself!

You will be able to choose which of the three events and dates to attend. Can’t make any of them? Don’t worry. Send us your application anyway as we are always looking for great people in Comfort Hotel. You should also keep your eyes open for available jobs at

Choose the job you wish to apply for and follow the steps to upload your CV and personal letter into the database. Interested in more than one of the different jobs? No worries! You only need to apply for ONE job. You will get the opportunity to tell us your preferences when we meet. What happens next? Once you send in your application, you get a questionnaire where you can choose which speed interview event and date to attend. You will also be asked how much you want to work and what job you prefer. You will also receive a confirmation by email that we have received your application. Closer to the event you will receive one more email with all practical information you need regarding the event. A few days after the speed interview we will tell you by email if you have made it to round two.

When you arrive at the event you will get in line to register and tell us you are here! You will also get a number so that we can tell all you fabulous people apart. You will then line up for your speed-interview, so make sure you clear your schedule for the whole event. While you wait you will enjoy the DJ, get something to drink and mingle around with all the potential new colleagues.

In every speed interview you will meet two of our staff from Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport or other Comfort-friends that wants to help us to find our right candidates.

The most important part?

We are here to see you! We will make sure you feel relaxed and safe, and have the best possible experience. So don’t be shy - we can’t wait to meet you! And hey, if it turns out this opportunity was not the right time for you, fear not! Comfort Hotel is growing like crazy and there will very likely be a Comfort Hotel opening near you in the near future. Keep an eye out on


When you’ve applied, you will get more information about the Creators of Tomorrow tour via email. If you can’t wait to know more, here’s a timeline of the recruitment process:


Apply for the job you are interested in. Interested in more than one position? No worries, you only need to apply for one job.


The Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport crew will come to three locations close to Arlanda to meet you for a speed interview. Here you will be able to present yourself and tell us why you are Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airports next Creator of Tomorrow. 


If you make it to round two, we will invite you to an interview to hear more about you.


Congratulations! It’s great to have you on board.


Training, or on-boarding as we call it is wildly important! All the new employees will be trained to Comfort Hotel perfection until the grand opening.

JAN 2020


The hotel has its grand opening on February 1. In other words: It’s showtime!


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